Happy and Glorious Tote

    Like the rest of the country we were devastated by the passing of our extraordinary Queen. 

    Such wisdom, grace and humility. Steadfast stoicism and resilience. Good old fashioned manners and a gentle sense of humour. All the qualities of what it truly means to be British and what an incredible role model for us all.

    "Good memories are our second chance at happiness." Queen Elizabeth II

    Inspired by this quote and to celebrate her remarkable and joyous life, we have created a design full of memories; our own heartfelt little tribute to HM Queen Elizabeth II.

    We wanted to try and capture the person beneath the crown. The countryside and animal lover. The style icon who loved fashion and colour (look out for the different coloured hats!) The fun loving woman with a twinkle in her eye... how incredible were the James Bond and Paddington sketches...?

    Also, look out for the different flowers. Swipe through to see why we included some of them. We hope you enjoy discovering all the other little elements of the design that combine to represent a truly Happy and Glorious life. 

    Only available in serene blue, a tranquil and calming colour... said to be the Queen's favourite.

    RIP Your Majesty. And thank you for all the memories. 

    Fabric: 100% cotton 

    Weight: 145gsm

    Capacity: 10 litres

    Sustainability: Eco-friendly alternative to plastic bags. Designed to be re-used. GTX Pro Tested. OEKO-TEX Standard 100 Tested. Eco-friendly inks.

    Size: One size - 38 x 42cm

    Please note: The Happy & Glorious design is also available on a Hoodie, please see link below. 

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