War Paint Pouch

    The War Paint Pouch is set to become your favourite new make-up bag with meaning!

    Our design centres around a white horse adorned with war paint. The Native Americans would honour and protect their warhorses by painting symbols on them, all the symbols had different meanings.

    With a little artistic license and a sprinkling of magic, our design features our very own Warhorse and friends having a party in a tropical paradise...

    The Warhorse -  Look out for the circle around the eye, said to make the horse's senses stronger. The zig zag was believed to be a symbol of speed and stealth, and a red hand print was reserved for the horse who brought his master back home safely 

    The Positive Parrot - in Feng Shui a parrot is said to represent positive energy and blessings of good luck

    The Healing Hummingbird - in some cultures the sighting a hummingbird signals challenging times are over and healing can begin

    The Beautiful Bird of Paradise Flower - said to represent joy, paradise and freedom

    The Tortoise and The Hare - our little reminder that slow and steady wins the race!

    This multipurpose soft velvet pouch made from 100% recycled polyester, giving it a luxurious look and feel. The pouch has many uses; stand on your dressing table, pop inside your handbag with your daily essentials, or take on holiday filled with your 'war paint'. It's also glam enough to double up as a clutch bag on an evening out!

    If you are facing your own personal battle at the moment we hope it brings you a little extra strength, power, love and luck.

    Warpaint on... ready to do battle!

    Perfect Pairing: Check out the Magic Potions Pouch to make a dreamy duo! (link below)

    Colour: Mushroom. War Paint design printed on the front, plain on the reverse. Gold metal zip.

    Fabric: 100% recycled polyester velvet, Lining: 100% recycled polyester

    Size: approx 30 x 20cm

    Weight: 70 gsm

    Sustainability: Designed and illustrated by us. Ethically made. 100% GRS Certified recycled polyester

    Product care: For best results please sponge clean only.

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